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SMART screening Solutions

Vasconn Holdings have developed a technology solution to assist employers to adhere to the recently introduced COVID-19 legislative requirements specifically addressing the daily screening, attendance declaration record systems and a daily health register of all employees and visitors.

The COVID-19 Smart Screening Compliance solution consist of:

  • A fast and reliable electronic solution for screening of staff and visitors
  • Interface into a secure cloud environment for record keeping and compliance reporting
  • Regulatory compliant daily reports for your workplace

We also provide a comprehensive set of the relevant COVID-19 templates for policies, procedures, training and awareness material as well as technical support.

We have extensive experience in application development, IoT and managing sensitive data. Our servers and database are POPI Act compliant and is currently being utilised by more than 150 local governments in South Africa, the healthcare industry and many large corporations throughout South Africa and internationally.

Vasconn Holdings (Pty) Ltd are specialists in the fields of Communication, IT Technology, Security Solutions and other Value Added Services. The company’s vision is imbedded in its slogan, which epitomises its objective to assist its clients in enhancing their businesses and lifestyles with its personalised Information Technology platform and to provide Security and Connectivity solutions to everyone. Vasconn Holdings (Pty) Ltd appreciates its clients’ need to be competitive and innovative in our current economic environment. We therefore strive to at all times provide professional services with the necessary skill, passion and determination expected. We believe that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. The end game is our assurance that our clients are getting the right product, at the right time and at a competitive price.

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